Player Profiles

This is thumbnails of my FM18 YouTube series Player Profile where we take a look at player history and in-game abilities.

So far they made three videos the subject of this those videos are;

Davide Astori: The Italian defender who was Fiorentina captain, before saldy passing away recently at 31 years old.

Cenk Tosun: The Turkish striker who was recently bought by English side Everton for £27 Million.

Marko Grujic: The Serbian prospect who Liverpool loan out to Cardiff City and help them secure promotion to the English Premier League.

If you interested in watching them on my YouTube channel the link to the playlist is here:


Thumbnails for KYLEX FM

Gateshead youth experimentThe Rambler 2Sarawak FA

I created these thumbnails for KYLEX FM  , who contacted me on Twitter about creating  thumbnail for his Gateshead Young Experiment & The Ramber Journeyman series which you can watch here:

You can also follow him on Twitter at @kylex8FM

FM 18 – PSG – Ici, c’est Paris – Blog/Twitter Series – Introduction (NEW SAVE)

Hello I’m Turtle Combover and welcome to my first ever FM18 blog save! I’ve been until now a YouTube FM content creator, if you haven’t seen my channel you can click the link here –Turtle Combeover. So doing a written series it just as awkward for me as was starting my YouTube channel and recording and talking into a mic, so it may take me some time to get use too, so cut me some slack, OK? shall we get on with the introduction then? I think we should.

So as you can see from the title & thumbnail this save will be a PSG one. Called Ici, c’est Paris (Here is Paris) this save is going to be a short fun series, where we spend big money, dominate competitions and score lots of goals! But we aren’t going to make it easy, The aim of the save is to become a world dominate team in 5 seasons and we are going to doing this by achieving 5 goals.



PSG Goal One


Our first goal is simple win back the Ligue 1 title from AS Monanco who won the title in 2016/17 with PSG finishing 2nd & 8pts behind. If we are going to be a dominate force in world football then we have to reinstate ourselves as the French champions and do so in a bold fashion, sweeping away any opposition including AS Monanco.



PSG Goal Two


If we are going to win back the Ligue 1 title then we have to be dominate in all domestic cups too, that means winning the Coupe de France, Coupe de la Ligue and even the Trophée des Champions alongside Ligue 1. By doing the quadruple we should show the rest of Europe we mean serous business and that we are coming for everyone!




PSG Goal Three


Perhaps our more important goal of the series is to win the UEFA Champions League for the first time in Paris Saint-Germain’s history and insert ourselves into footballing history as one of the best team to ever win the trophy. We most overcome some of the greatest players of all time, the best teams in the world and we must do it with a zealous approach leaving not one opposition any respect.




If we are to win the UEFA Champions League then surely we should be able to win the FIFA Club World Cup too! By beating all the Continental League winners around the world,  Only they would we prove that we are the worlds best football team.



PSG Goal Five


For a bit of fun our last goal is to go unbeaten, if we are able to succeed in our first four goals then this one shouldn’t be so hard, especially in the domestic competitions, the real challenge is to be unbeaten in all competitions both domestic and continental, excited to see if we can do it? I am!



PSG Goals.png

So before I leave you, let’s recap. We are playing as PSG and are managing them for 5 seasons and aiming to achieve the 5 goals above, which include; Win Back Ligue 1, Dominate Domestic Competitions, Win the Champions League, Win the Club World Cup and Go Unbeaten. It’s basically going to be a super fun save there we spend ridicules amounts of money, score a insane amount of goals and try and become a super club, sounds fun to me, does it sound fun to you?

The next post will be a Season 1 (2017/18) preview where we look at the team, tactics, friendlies and more. It will be post between Christmas Day and New Year Day.


A small note – I hope you enjoy my first blog post, I hope wasn’t too hard to read, I’m rusty with writing long ‘essays’ & I also have dyslexia which means I sometimes read and spell different word without realising  it, even when I read over for spelling & grammatical errors I still see them as normal. I also tend to spell phonically too another symptom of dyslexia, Anyway enough of my X Factor sob life story, hope to see you in the next post.


Thumbnails for @iDKM_86

Below is thumbnails I created for @iDKM_86, who contacted me on Twitter about creating some thumbnails, I really enjoyed creating theses thumbnails and can’t wait to see his series when he creates his YouTube channel (Which l’ll link once he does & the series below).

Carlisle United F.C. draft 2Man United-Return to Glory

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